Gentry Architecture Collaborative is a planning and architecture firm that has evolved since 1996 through our client associations and abilities to bring uniquely qualified teams together to create extraordinary places. We highly value the public process and are proud of the leadership we take in our community to encourage the participation of all stakeholders.


Our design approach and philosophy are to create architecture and landscaping that truly belong to a place and a people. We carefully design with respect and responsibility to individual cultural, environmental and community needs. Particularly through our work with the Native American Tribes of this area we have gained a special understanding of the relationship between culture and the land. We know how to compose experiences that excite and invigorate our lives and tell the story of a Land and a People with power and drama.

We believe the future of sustainable design lies in our ability to be an advocate for the design process and to be an agent for change and outreach to our communities. In this regard we have also been active in forming a Center for Community Design, creating opportunities for those not traditionally included in the design process of buildings, neighborhoods or cities.

Through our active leadership role with BuiltGreen of Clallam County and subsequent sponsorship of and participation in the AIA Communities by Design/SDAT (Sustainable Design Assessment Team) process in 2009, we understand the analysis and recommendations of the report as well as the far reaching issues in our community and region.


Gentry Architecture Collaborative has established a record of successfully planned, designed and constructed residential, commercial, community service, leisure and tourism facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Through our association with many uniquely qualified team members we bring a fresh and enthusiastic spirit of collaboration and creativity to each project.

From public facilities such as schools and marinas to resorts in the rainforests, to residential, business, cultural and recreation centers in one of the most sought-after natural environments of North America, we have learned how to communicate to users the sense of place and purpose for each of our clients.

Our involvement with feasibility studies and master planning for cutting-edge projects puts us in the forefront in developing trends in business, services industries, leisure, recreation and tourism. To be financially successful we know we must provide exactly what the user, customer or traveler is seeking. We use all the tools of good design to create the sense of place, time and culture.

We have an established track record of a diverse array of projects and have gained the unique ability to bring the very best consultants to the project team while maintaining critical control of budgets and timelines.

As we reinvent our company and ability to meet the demands of more complex projects, we recognize that we are often asked to work side-by-side with business planners to ensure that the new facilities stay within the bounds of good financial planning. To address this need we have teamed with highly specialized business analysts and economic development planners who can advise our clients.


Full Architectural Services

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Master Planning
  • Resort Planning

“Nuts & Bolts” Services

  • Drafting
  • Digital modeling
  • Inspections
  • Code compliance
  • Building permit processing

Specialized Services

  • LEED design
  • Aging-in-Place design
  • Therapeutic Garden design