The Center for Community Design is an educational and advocacy not-for-profit organization seeking to inspire exceptional design in our community.  

C4CD's focus purpose is to champion the new paradigm of regenerative design - a living future.

A core team of architects, interns and support staff provide educational forums and hands-on design workshops using "design thinking", a new model of interactive and transparent public process. 

Our goal is to engage local community members in exploring sustainable design principles and practices, resulting in a built environment that expresses a profound respect for the environment and is attuned to our unique place.

C4CD was founded in Port Angeles, Washington in March 2010 by local architects and planners Michael Gentry and Stuart Bonney, and by architect Richard Kielbon of Spokane.  Administrative support is provided by co-founder Carol Gentry. 

We are for...

  • Interactive and transparent public process
  • Exceptional design attuned to our local environment
  • Consideration for future generations
  • Sustainable and regenerative design principles and practices
  • Buying local - both goods and services
  • Government that is transparent, responsive, collaborative and dedicated to local economic prosperity

C4CD is currrently on hiatus.